Managing the various processes involved in our projects can be a time-consuming task. We often find ourselves spending a significant amount of time queuing up tasks such as OCR, extraction, classification, importing, and exporting, ensuring that they continue to work on the files while we focus on other aspects of the project. This management process can quickly become overwhelming.

To streamline and simplify these tasks, automation is key. Automation can help us save time and ensure that our processes run smoothly. One tool that helps us achieve this is the Daemon Agent.

The Daemon Agent is a crucial component of our PACE management system. It allows us to manage all the aforementioned tasks by simply signing into PACE Admin. Once the Daemon Agent Manager is installed on a specific computer, it will appear on the list of available agents.

daemon agent 1

Double clicking on a specific computer will open a pop up where you can select a project and start and stop the tasks.  Use Package Limit to indicate whether you want to rotate through several tasks processing a few files at a time, or complete all files in one task before moving to the next one.

daemon agent 2

The Daemon Agent simplifies the management of our processes by automating many of the repetitive tasks involved. It allows us to focus our time and energy on more critical aspects of our projects, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion, managing the processes involved in our projects can be complex and time-consuming. However, by leveraging automation tools like the Daemon Agent, we can streamline our workflow and simplify our workload, allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively.