1. Can I use PACE for timekeeping?

Yes.  PACE is a great tool for timekeeping.  PACE Production and MadWhack send the timekeeping punches to PACE Admin where they can be viewed, edited and used for payroll.  

2. Do I need to have a specific scanner to use PACE?

No.  As long as you are able to send the scanned folders/files into a folder where PACE can access them, you do not need a specific scanner.

3. How do I use PACE for project billing?

You would set the pricing to the associated metrics when you set up the project.  For example, if you wanted to charge .01 per image you could assign the image metric to the scan task.  The scanning associate would be prompted to enter the total images scanned into PACE after logging the scan task as complete.  For a MadWhack task such as Index, you could assign the metric Keystroke Count at .05 to charge per keystroke.  A MadWhack metric is automatically calculated and does not need to be entered by the data entry employee.  You are then able to run Billing Reports in PACE which include the breakdown of cost by task and metric.

9. What is the difference between a Batch/Container/Package/Document and Page?

These are all terms used to group a project into smaller pieces for  processing.  If you receive a shipment of 10 boxes it would make sense to call that a Batch, collectively.  Each individual box could be referred to as a Container.  In paper processing, we often scan the individual Containers so more than one person can be working on the Batch at the same time.  

In this case, each scanned Container has multiple folders with a varied number of pages.  When we import the scanned work into MadWhack, we determine how to separate or “group” the files based on the specific project.  

A Package is how we refer to a group of items to be worked by a single data processor.  If you have multiple folders with many pages to be indexed, you may decide to import each folder as a Package.  If there were 50 Folders in the Container, you would have 1 Container with 50 Packages in MadWhack.  Several data processors could work simultaneously on different Packages in the same Container.

A Document contains individual Pages that have the same Indexing values.  Often a Folder and a Document are the same thing. 

10. What is the difference between a Batch ID and a Batch Title? 

A Batch ID (or Container ID/Package ID) is a unique system generated number. A Batch Title (or Container/Package) is a sequential number for the specific project.  Projects start with Batch Title 1 followed by Batch Title 2 and so on.  Each Batch has both a Batch ID and a Batch Title.

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