Incorporating job setup right within a software application, like with PACE, offers a range of benefits that improve user experience and enhance efficiency and customization. This can ultimately lead to more productive and satisfied users, contributing to the overall success of a company. In the document scanning world, service bureaus have to manage their job setups either manually, or with multiple different software applications. With PACE, you have the ability to make a profile for each customer, including contact information, project type, document types, job metrics, work instructions for the project and even who has access to the project. These settings directly configure into MadWhack, the document processing software, making job setup and processing a breeze. What are the benefits of PACE’s job setup feature?

Streamlined Workflow: In-app job setup options eliminate the need to switch between different applications or interfaces. Users can configure job settings without disrupting workflows, leading to faster task completion and improved productivity. 

User-Friendly Experience: Integrating job setup options directly into the software provides a more intuitive and seamless user experience. Users can easily access and adjust settings, reducing the learning curve and making the software more user-friendly. 

Efficiency: Users can fine-tune job settings quickly, reducing the time spent on configuration tasks. This efficiency can lead to increased throughput and reduced operational costs. Easily change work instructions when a job needs updating that is pushed to the operator automatically upon starting a task within that project.

Real-Time Feedback: With PACE’s job setup options, users can see the immediate impact of their configuration choices. This instant feedback enables users to make informed decisions and optimize settings for their specific needs.

Customization: PACE’s flexibility allows users to customize the projects to their unique requirements. Not one size fits all in the document scanning industry, and PACE can be customized to work for you. This enhances the software’s applicability across diverse industries and use cases.

Reduced Errors: Centralized job setup options within the software reduce the likelihood of configuration errors that could occur when users have to manually input settings across different systems or interfaces. It also provides a repository for configuration, making it easier to manage and track settings.

Training and Onboarding: Simplified job setup options can expedite the training and onboarding process for new users, as they can quickly learn to configure and customize tasks within the software.

Remote and Collaborative Work: As long as you have the internet, you can access PACE’s job setup feature. This can facilitate remote work and collaboration by allowing users to configure jobs and share settings seamlessly, regardless of their physical location. 

Get rid of those Word or Google documents that host all of your job information and work instructions and incorporate PACE instead. Having your job setups available in one system will reduce errors, increase efficiency and create a streamlined and productive project onboarding process. Request a demo to see these features in action.