1. What is a Random Task?

In PACE, we have “Regular Tasks” (simply known as “Tasks”) and “Random Tasks”.  A “Task” is a step in the process of completing a project. For example, Paper Prep, Scan, Scan QC, Import, Index, etc. are all “Tasks”.  A “Random Task” is an activity that is necessary, but not directly related to a project workflow.  For example, Mail Opening, Team Meetings, Auditing, and Ordering Supplies are all “Random Tasks”.  


2.  What is a SME queue for? (and what is a SME anyway?)

SME stands for Subject Matter Expert.  If a Data Entry Technician has a question about processing a document, they can enter a comment or question and send it to the SME queue.  A designated SME (typically a supervisor) will check the SME queue periodically to review the documents and questions.  The SME can enter a comment and send the document(s) back to the work queue to be processed as appropriate.


3. What is the difference between a task and a metric?

A “Task” is a step in the document processing flow, as described in question one.  Common “Tasks” are Paper Prep, Scan, Import, ePrep, Index, QC and Export.  Metrics are used to measure tasks.  For a Scan task, you could have metrics for Document Count, Image Count and Time.  For Index, you might use metrics like Hand Key Count and Page Count.  Metrics allow you to track employee performance, as well as calculate billing.


4. Is MadWhack part of PACE?

Yes.  PACE consists of three pieces of software that work together.  PACE Admin is where supervisors set up and manage employees, customers and projects.  PACE Production is used by paper operations employees to clock in/out, start and stop tasks, as well as review work instructions and standard operating procedures.  MadWhack is the software for data entry employees, used to ePrep, Index and QC documents, and has an included timeclock.  


5. How do I know whether to use PACE Production or PACE Administration? 

PACE Production is for starting/pausing/finishing paper operations tasks, clocking in and out, viewing your timecard, and viewing documentation. Creating/Receiving batches happens in PACE Production by someone who has been granted that specific access.

PACE Admin is for managerial functions such as setting up employees, customers projects, creating/revising Work Instructions, editing time cards and batch details, creating customer tasks and metrics and viewing reports.

If you have more questions or are interested in seeing a demo, reach out to our team!