Our Mission

We built PACE and MadWhack because we believe work can be better. Everyone deserves the opportunity to do great work that they can enjoy.  We believe that is achieved by creating objective measures of accountability, organizational transparency, operator autonomy, and an automated process workflow.

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Our Story

In 2001, Bill and Katja Becker started their own document scanning company, Recordsforce. The business started to grow considerably, making it not sustainable to easily manage their processes and employees. They noticed this gap in the market where no other management and data extraction system system combined existed.

Rather than put a band aid on our management system, we did what we always seem to do. We created a systemic solution to our systemic problem. We created the earliest version of what would eventually become our business operating software, PACE, an acronym for Performance, Accuracy, Commitment and Engagement. (Queue the swelling music.)

With thirty years of service bureau experience, we wanted to build a software system that would allow us to really understand and manage our business effectively. PACE was created to do just that. For over a decade PACE has been developed to deliver exactly what service bureau owners, managers and operators need – a seamless document scanning business management software.