Process your documents more efficiently and accurately using our intelligent document processing software. Eliminate manual steps and automate your entire data extraction process, while turning your documents into structured useable data instantly. 


Artificial Intelligence Driven Data Capture & Classification

MadWhack, our document automation software, automatically classifies your documents, leverages AI to extract key data points, routes any last mile hand-keying requirements to your operators, and prepares the data to be exported in any format you need.  Execute your entire document processing workflow all in one system.

All the Features You Need

From the physical processing of documents to the management of operations, MadWhack has it covered. 

Auto Import

Automate your project setup from scanning to data extraction without effort.

Auto OCR

Make your process more efficient by automating the image processing of your documents.

Auto Classification

Automated document recognition & assigning business rules around data extraction requirements. 

Document E-Prep

Ability to manually classify documents to assist the online training of AI. 

Auto Data Extraction

Intelligent Data Capture, Form Capture, Barcode Reading, Zonal OCR and AI Based Capture.

Manual Data Capture

Process documents at 99% accuracy combining AI with human processing.

Data Validation

Ability to quality review documents in real time. 

Auto Export

Automatically export data into backend systems in real time.


Track every job at every level, by task, employee, speed & accuracy. 

System Monitoring

Real time system monitoring for successful completion of all imports, exports, SFTP transfers, deliveries, system errors, etc.

Visibility Into Performance

When it comes to document processing, speed without accuracy is worthless, and accuracy without speed is too expensive.  With MadWhack, your operators have a view of their performance in real-time in our gamified operator dashboard. With accuracy and speed performance dials, employees can compete to see who is fastest or most accurate in each task.  Incentivize your operators to be the best they can be through a gamified document processing experience.


Increased Efficiency

Process large amounts of data through MadWhack’s AI powered data extraction process, quickly and efficiently. Automated tasks like import, OCR, classification and export means your employees don’t have to spend as much time on manual data entry.  They can focus on more meaningful tasks, therefore improving productivity and employee satisfaction, all while improving your bottom-line.

Zero Touch Processing

Process documents quickly with limited manual work. Documents can be auto-classified and broken out into individual PDFs, which are named correctly by the system with intelligent process automation. The documents are then passed onto automated data capture, where based on their document types, the required metadata field data is captured. From there, the documents and data can automatically deliver these results directly to your client, all in real time. 

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