Know Your PACE

Created by document scanning experts to run your imaging business for you. 

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Run your entire business from front to back in one system – it’s your service bureau in a box. 


Project SETup

Establish business rules, choose tools to use and assign deadlines

Employee Tracking

Automatically distribute tasks with complete visibility


Automated Data Capture

Tools for automated and manual data extraction


Automated Export

Get data to the right place with expert monitoring



Collect metrics automatically for billing and profitability

PACE for Management

PACE allows you to manage employees, track your work and employees in real time, set up jobs and manage the process from onboarding through billing in one system. Take advantage of the most advanced automation technology without having to interrupt your process by automatically distributing tasks to your employees (no more whiteboard or excel sheet!) While the reporting features allow you to monitor progress and profitability from anywhere.


PACE  for management
PACE for employees

PACE for Employees

Employees punch in to the PACE timeclock and their daily tasks immediately get delivered with work instructions to be signed off on (improve accuracy!)  Employee speed and accuracy metrics are monitored in real time and provide transparency for where they stand against other operators, giving you the ability to provide feedback backed by data. Even break time is managed automatically using the timeclock.


PACE for Customers

Enable complete transparency for your customers.  The PACE customer portal is like a nanny cam for your customer’s data and documents.  Customers can login and see instantaneously where their batches stand in the process, and can even request physical copies if they are in need.


PACE for customers

Now Introducing MadWhack: Enabling automatic document classification and data extraction in one system

Document Processing Software

Eliminate manual steps and automate your entire data extraction process with intelligent document processing. With MadWhack, your team can classify documents and extract data with extreme accuracy. Finish the last mile all within the same system, and have complete control of every batch with built-in monitoring and management tools.

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“The biggest differences we noticed after using PACE are the ease in which it allows us to manage staff without having to look over one’s shoulder, the collection of metrics to improve efficiencies within production and the platform it provides for both production and management to communicate with each other in order to meet a common goal.”

Alan B. | Operations Manager, Octacom

“The live snapshot into business profitability has been great not only for me from an operational perspective but also to our Sales staff to bid on jobs using the knowledge we have from our metrics. Within the first year, we captured an additional $3500.00 from one customer alone!  I am able to make sure my staff are working efficiently and cut down on idle time.”

Amy K. | Operations Manager, ARMS

“In 2019 Recordsforce had 20% more revenue while decreasing labor by 20% from the same month last year. I attribute that to the visibility that PACE gives us to know if the changes we made from a production standpoint have been working and to monitor changes during very quick cycles.”

Katja B. | Recordsforce, CFO