Easily track and measure the performance of your employees in real-time with the PACE autoqueue and productivity tracker. Manage your business from end-to-end all in one system with our cloud-based document scanning ERP. 

Scanning Business Software

What Can PACE Solve For You?



Customize users, permission groups, and projects. Run all of your jobs and make unique setups that fit each project’s needs.



Training for each new instruction. Make changes at any point during a job and automatically notify your employees.

Batches & Work Queue

Replaces your whiteboard or spreadsheet for task tracking of work in progress in real-time, shown by due date.


Streamlines task assignment and allocates them to individuals/teams based on predefined criteria.



Generate profit, revenue, productivity & work-in-progress by the job, employee, date, etc.



Ensure document chain of custody. Provide (optional) view into your operations.

Integrated Time Clock

Accurate time measurement across your organization improves both employee payroll and client billing.


Performance Charting

Employee benchmarking for throughput and other key production metrics.



Ensure project quality and offer insights for improvement right within the system.

Task Management

Sick of running your business off whiteboards and spreadsheets? Have complete visibility of every job in your operation at all times, from any device. See which tasks are due next at a glance. Get everyone in your operation moving in the same direction with the unique “daily expectations” report. Watch your business run smoothly without directing people all day.

Employee Dashboard

Your staff no longer needs to be told what to do when they show up everyday.  Employees login and are immediately delivered tasks available for them to work. They can see how many hours they’ve worked, available break time, the most recent tasks they’ve performed, and how they are performing against their peers.  As well, employees are delivered work instructions for each task automatically which can help you scale faster when needed while limiting errors across new work instructions.

In-Depth Reporting

PACE provides instant feedback on job profitability and employee performance from the first hour of work, to the last batch of the month.  Instantly measure how you are doing versus your profitability goals, revenue per employee and overall revenue goals. Understand how the changes you are making affect performance, and enable data backed decision making for your managers.  Everything in your operation can be measured more frequently and with greater accuracy which enables your team to pivot quicker and maximize efficiency and profitability on every project.

Ensure Profitability & Project Quality

The built-in performance charting provides benchmarks for employees on their key production metrics, such as documents per hour. Task feedback, along with work instructions and SOPs, ensure your employees are processing projects correctly and reduces the need for reworks. Gain insights into the performance of your jobs quickly and with the detail you need to find opportunities to improve your profitability.

PACE employee management
automated employee time clock

Automated Employee Management

The time clock feature automates employee management by accurately recording the clock-in and clock-out times of employees, as well as their break times. This automation eliminates the need for manual timekeeping, freeing up valuable resources and reducing administrative burdens.

“The live snapshot into business profitability has been great not only for me from an operational perspective but also to our Sales staff to bid on jobs using the knowledge we have from our metrics. Within the first year, we captured an additional $3500.00 from one customer alone!  I am able to make sure my staff are working efficiently and cut down on idle time.”

Amy K. | Operations Manager, ARMS