Portsmouth, NH  New universal guidelines have been released for businesses that are deemed essential or are re-opening their operations based on recommendations from the CDC, EEOC and OSHA to reduce the impact of COVID-19. Employers are now required to develop a process for screening all employees reporting for work, document the temperatures of employees, handle those with symptoms accordingly, as well as implement workplace cleaning and disinfection practices.

Recordsforce is pleased to announce our new CDC compliant login process through PACE that makes these recent changes effortless for our business. The employee screening check-in with PACE makes it easy and simple to comply with the CDC guidelines, making this new process quick and efficient. 

How does it work? Employees will come into work and have a laser temperature read at one of the stations. They will then login to PACE at a work station and PACE will promptly ask the CDC screening questions shown below and can alert a management member if needed.

The end result: A system that makes it impossible for someone with COVID-19 symptoms to unknowingly clock into work, also making Recordsforce effortlessly compliant with the new CDC guidelines for employers. Using the new PACE CDC compliant employee screening check-in process automates the collection of symptoms and health data, keeping our staff safer and our operation more resilient to COVID-19 so that we can continue to serve our clients.

About Recordsforce: Founded in 2001, Recordsforce provides intelligent solutions that enable organizations to eliminate paper from their business processes, while making those processes more automated and efficient. We do this through document scanning, document automation and cloud services for any industry, any size.

PACE screening questions