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Read our customer success stories on how after after switching to PACE and MadWhack, our customers reduced operating costs and accelerated their processes.

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Featured case study:

Company Name: Recordsforce

Company Type: Document Scanning Company

Recordsforce needed a better way to track project processes and employee tasks/hours to be more efficient. They were also unable to create clear reports that would help them make decisions for their business. Switching to PACE and MadWhack resulted in a 77% operational efficiency gain, making their processes faster and giving them clear visibility into their business.

Analyzing The Problem

Recordsforce was in need of a more efficient system to manage and track project processes, user training documentation and employee information. Along with this, they did not have a clear and easy way to gain reporting to make data-back decisions for their business. This made it difficult to run operations efficiently, increasing unnecessary costs and extending how long it takes to finish projects. 

Working with multiple software and systems made training and onboarding staff more difficult and time consuming. Even more so, without the ability to have clear insight into their business, Recordsforce was struggling to track profitability and know where to make changes and improvements within their business to become more successful. 

Instant Results

Leveraging the Employee Performance Reporting in PACE over 9 months, Recordsforce was able to make their scanning operators 2½ times more efficient, which resulted in a 77% operational efficiency gain.  What used to take Recordsforce 100 hours to scan, now only takes 40 hours. Recordsforce also utilized the feedback capabilities to tweak their document prep team’s procedures, placing high accuracy ahead of speedy prep means fewer hiccups and more cost savings. This greatly increased document conversion productivity and throughput. The portal feature in PACE enables real-time status and tracking of documents in process for image and data capture, down to the individual document level via a self-service portal. The portal feature also saved many support hours of document follow up with real-time access to client’s documents. PACE also helped:

  • Reduce expenditures for the need of multiple software and systems
  • Ensure compliance and security
  • Eliminate physical paper processes and inefficient job tracking
  • Drive employee responsibility

“In 2019 Recordsforce had 20% more revenue while decreasing labor by 20% from the same month last year. I attribute that to the visibility that PACE gives us to know if the changes we made from a production standpoint have been working and to monitor changes during very quick cycles.”

Katja B.

CFO, Recordsforce

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