The PACE Business Operating System is a comprehensive system designed to help manage various aspects of a business efficiently. It consists of three main components: PACE Administration, PACE Production, and MadWhack, each serving distinct roles and working together seamlessly to streamline business operations. Let’s dive into an overview of how these components work and interact to help manage your business:

PACE Administration (PACE Admin):

  • PACE Admin can be likened to the brain of the system. It is the central hub where supervisors and administrators handle critical business tasks.
  • Here, supervisors set up and manage employee profiles, customer information, and project details.
  • Workflow management, timekeeping, and performance tracking are all handled within PACE Admin.
  • It plays a pivotal role in generating billing and performance reports, providing valuable insights for business decisions.

    PACE Production:

    • PACE Production is the component designed for employees who are engaged in Paper Operations Tasks, such as paper prepping and scanning.
    • Manual entry of metrics, such as the number of documents processed, is possible for tracking and reporting purposes.
    • It is the platform where shipments are created and where incoming mail is checked in.
    • Employees performing paper operations tasks use PACE Production to clock in and out, which helps in tracking their work hours.


      • MadWhack is a specialized document processing software used by Data Entry Technicians.
      • Data Entry Technicians perform tasks like indexing and quality control (QC) using this software.
      • MadWhack can automatically capture metrics, such as Hand Key Count, making it easier to track the efficiency of data entry tasks.
      • If there are any questions or concerns regarding a document, operators can forward it to the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Queue.
      • The SME Queue is monitored by supervisors who resolve issues and re-route documents as needed, allowing operators to continue working without delays.
      • Data Entry Technicians also use MadWhack to clock in and out, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

        Project Integration:

        • A critical aspect of PACE Administration is setting up projects, which involves sharing relevant information with both PACE Production and MadWhack.
        • As tasks within these projects are completed, the metrics captured in PACE Production and MadWhack become available in PACE Administration.
        • This shared data is essential for billing clients and generating performance reports, providing the factual foundation for making informed business decisions.

        In summary, the PACE Business Operating System provides a comprehensive solution for businesses that involve paper processing and data entry tasks. It streamlines the process of managing projects, employees and client interactions while enabling efficient timekeeping, reporting and issue resolution. This integrated system ensures that the data required for decision-making is readily available, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their operations.