Is your company’s production able to maintain pace? How would you know if it wasn’t?

In the complex game of business, the speed of your people translates to profit or loss for your company. How do you keep your employees focused on performance with all of the starts and stops, the distractions from clients, co-workers and even the managers getting in the way of employee performance? With all the work instructions, changes, customer reworks and other demands, your operation isn’t always cranking at full blast.  PACE can help you stay focused and well-managed, even in the most chaotic moments.

PACE stands for “Performance, Accuracy, Commitment and Engagement” and these are the four pillars by which a company can evaluate employee and company success.  How can PACE drive performance in your business? Let’s break down what focusing on what PACE can do.

Performance – the speed of operators performing prep, scan, indexing, QC and other miscellaneous tasks is the yardstick that determines if you are making money, breaking even, or losing cash. It’s the single most important factor in improving profits and being competitive. Our PACE system allows you to score each employee’s performance against the average performance of your company in each and every task they perform.  We know it’s not fair to compare performance in the same task across multiple clients, because each client is unique. PACE has developed technology that allows each operator to be compared to all other operators who perform the same task. This allows you to compare performance of individuals who don’t perform the same tasks in a way that is fair to the employee and drives performance for the business.

Accuracy – the trade off between profitability and reputation starts and ends with the balance between performance and accuracy. Go fast but make too many mistakes, and all you do is drag the company into re-works, customer complaints, and lost profits. Go too slowly, and you end up paying the customer to do their work. Striking a balance between accuracy and performance requires measurement tools that not only see how many units were processed in an hour, but also, out of those units, how many were inspected and corrected by a QC operator. PACE tracks all of this, giving us rich feedback through a QC report  Managers are now able to have objective conversations with employees about how to improve their accuracy and are not forced to rely on an empty plea to just “pay more attention!” The actionable details provide ammo to back up your request.

Commitment – when your staff is both the operator and the machine, an absence can throw timelines and schedules into chaos. Scoring employees based on their ability to work when they have committed to is crucial for creating alignment with our operations and the business. The more committed the employee, the fewer fire drills are required to get operators into seats to cover for other missing staff members. Being fast is a waste of talent if the staff member isn’t showing up!

Engagement – each company has a culture whether it’s intentional or not. Are employees working together to find solutions for our customer’s challenges? Do the sales people feel comfortable asking operations tough questions? It’s a lot easier when everyone knows each other and trusts each other. As a business owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to create and maintain the culture and using PACE makes it easy and fair for everyone involved!

If having a company that employs a team of hardworking staff who continue to pay attention to detail, show up when supposed to, are productive through their entire shifts, and do it while understanding the role they play in the bigger picture sounds like an attractive alternative to your current management approach, we strongly recommend you check out our PACE business operating system for your operations management.

PACE enables your company to measure employee performance and accuracy, gives your supervisors and managers their time back to focus on optimizing operations, and develops a stronger culture rather than putting out fires all day long.

If you are ready to take control of your operation and improve both the profitability and culture of your company, we would love to show you PACE.