Case Study

Read our customer success stories on how after after switching to PACE and MadWhack, our customers reduced operating costs and accelerated their processes.

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Company Name: Instream

Company Type: Document Scanning Company

Instream is a document imaging company that is growing its number of document scanning facilities around the U.S. The company currently has three major scanning facilities and employs a number of operators in-house and remotely.

Instream was looking for a document scanning operations management system that works better than its home-grown system and continues to increase operational efficiency. They needed the ability to scale quickly while also ensuring they were staying compliant.  

    Analyzing The Problem

    Instream uses a system of paper based instructions that move from sales through production for workflow. It provides the level of compliance that they need to win jobs in a highly regulated industry, however, they found that PACE has a few competitive advantages when it comes to measuring the performance of employees, tracking work through the entire process and creating reports that help give insight into their business.


    They wanted to find a system that worked better than their home-grown system and continued to increase their operational efficiency by cutting out manual business operations. Without any insights into reporting, Instream was also unable to make business decisions that benefit their company based on actual data.

      Instant Results

      By switching to PACE to operate and manage their document scanning business, Instream was able to gain real-time operational and financial reporting, giving them the hard data they need to make changes for their organization. Instream was able to increase document conversion productivity and throughput, and eliminate paper-heavy job tracking and instructions. 

      Another huge benefit to switching to PACE was losing the sole cost of development on their own system and allowing their IT people to focus on production, which can help generate more revenue for their company. Utilizing PACE also reduced capital expenditures for timekeeping software, trouble ticket software, and internal email.