Case Study

Read our customer success stories on how after after switching to PACE and MadWhack, our customers reduced operating costs and accelerated their processes.

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Company Type: Document Scanning Company

A document scanning company that focused mostly on processing legal files was looking for a new software to improve their data entry operations, specifically document classification and OCR abilities. They onboarded PACE and MadWhack, the document processing software, and were able to increase their operational efficiency through automation and now easily track their jobs, processes and employees.

    Analyzing The Problem

    A legal document scanning company was looking for ways to improve their data entry operations by exploring software solutions for document classification and OCR to help them extract data from hundreds of different legal document types that vary in format. They recently onboarded an OCR platform that allowed them to manage their current inputs, but the system requires more staff than expected and ties up internal resources. 


      Creating The Solution

       The document scanning company onboarded PACE and MadWhack. MadWhack, our document automation software, automatically classified documents and leverages AI to extract key data points, all in one workflow. Capabilities include auto import, auto OCR, auto document classification, auto data extraction, manual data capture, data validation and auto export. For instance, documents can now be auto-classified and broken out into individual PDFs, which are named correctly by the system with intelligent process automation. The documents are then passed onto automated data capture, where based on their document types, the required metadata field data is captured. From there, the documents and data can automatically deliver these results directly to their client.

        Instant Results

        As a result of onboarding PACE and MadWhack, the document scanning company has a software that works better than their current system and can get their work done with about six fewer employees needed with the same number of throughput. They were able to increase operational efficiency and ensure ongoing compliance to client contractual obligations. The capabilities, like automated import and export, means their employees don’t have to waste time on manual tasks, therefore improving productivity and increasing efficiency. Not to mention their ability to now track their jobs in real time and have in-depth reporting capabilities, all in one system.