Case Study

Read our customer success stories on how after after switching to PACE and MadWhack, our customers reduced operating costs and accelerated their processes.

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Company Type: Document Scanning Company

A document scanning company was using paper-based and manual processes to track their operations. The company needed more of a strict and regulated software to keep a biotechnology company that was audited by the FDA as a client. They were unable to create reports and even track their work clearly through their processes.

They implemented PACE and used the features such as work queues, in-depth reporting and work instructions and now has a system that is FDA compliant but also increased their efficiency and gave them visibility into every aspect of their document processing operations.

    Analyzing The Problem

    A growing document imaging company was mainly using a system of paper instructions that move from sales through production for workflow. This provided the level of compliance that they need to win jobs in a highly regulated industry, however, they were unable to measure employee performance, track work through their process or create reports, such as profitability reports, that would give them insight into their business. They needed a more strict and regulated system to keep a biotechnology company that was audited by the FDA as a client. Additionally, they didn’t have an autonomous way for production staff to start tasks, and would need to get instructions from an Operations Manager.


      Creating The Solution

      The document scanning company implemented PACE to help them with their operational management needs. The specific PACE features that solved their challenges include:

      • Batches and Work Queue– Replaced the whiteboard/spreadsheet for  task tracking of work in progress (WIP).  Shows all active batches by the due date.
      • Time Clock –  Accurate time measurements to specific projects.  Feeds both employee payroll and client billing.
      • Performance Charting – Employee benchmarking for throughput and other key production metrics.
      • Work Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures, and Controlled Document Management – Forced training and acknowledgment for each new or changed work instruction, by the task.  Changes require management approval and re-training confirmation.
      • Management Dashboard – Job management tracks revenue progress for the day, month, year, employee tracking, etc.
      • In-Depth Reporting – Generate profit, revenue, productivity, work-in-progress and many other reports by the job, employee, date, etc.
      • Client Portal – Ensures document chain of custody. Provide (optional) view into the operations.
      • Administration – Set up users, permission groups, projects, run billing reports, etc.
      • Cloud-Based – Run multiple operation centers and better manage client-office based employees. Easily handle scaling up/down employe

        Instant Results

        With PACE, the document imaging company was able to increase their efficiency and eliminate their paperwork instructions and spreadsheet job tracking. They gained a lot more insight into their employees’ performance and were able to utilize the reporting to create changes that even further increased productivity. The auto queue feature allowed them to assign the right tasks to the right operators based on performance metrics automatically. Using PACE they were able to ensure compliance and security to keep their biotechnology client and be prepared for more within the industry in the future.